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Talia Rodgers


Talia Rodgers
Professional Status
About Me
Producer with vast experience in Documentary, Branded Content, Animation, and Audio formats. Well versed in Story Development, Production, and Post Production. Assertive multitasker that thrives in dynamic environments bringing her talents to Los Angeles, CA.

Associate Producer

Chasing the Sound - Radical Media - World renowned DJs explore Nigerian & Ghanaian cities with the biggest artists coming out of Africa. By the end of the episode we understand the city's history & it's influence on the music of past & future generations.
January 2020 to August 2020
  • Research participating artists, gather archive from the artists, work with artists to clear all video, music, images, social content, etc
  • Gather and clear historical archive and music of Fela Kuti and the Kuti family, along with finding and clearing music of obscure artists
  • Collaborate in creating scripts and addressing notes from YoutubeTV
  • Maintain archive logs, music cue sheets, and create workflows so that all parties are informed of the needs of the project
  • Worked with legal department to determine fair use or license needs
  • Prepare in studio shoots with high profile artists

Development Producer

Court Cam - Law & Crime
June 2020 to August 2020
  • Researched and cast a variety of court cases for 30+ episodes
  • Sourced archive while ensuring proper usage rights and execution of contracts
  • Provided intriguing interview subjects for segments
  • Developed relationships with news outlets and local courts that led to quicker turnarounds along with access to undiscovered footage

Segment Producer

Court Cam - Law & Crime - An A&E series showing remarkable moments captured on camera within and around the courtroom. Each episode gives the audience an unfiltered view into the legal justice system
April 2019 to August 2019
  • Produced 5-12 segments per episode from development to post production
  • Research and develop storylines including writing story and interview scripts
  • Meticulously fact check segments
  • Sourcing all footage along with supporting archive materials while negotiating contracts/terms
  • Collaborating with law enforcement and proper judiciary representatives for factual integrity
  • Booking contributors who were involved in cases

Associate Producer

RYOT Studio - Verizon Media's in-house creative studio working with leading brands, agencies, and talent to make sure your story is not just told; it's also well heard
July 2018 to April 2019
  • Directing B roll, research, and ideating storylines for branded campaigns (digital, documentary, animated shorts and series)
  • Collaborate in writing client pitches, treatments, and supplemental presentations
  • Casting expert influencers and supporting on camera subjects that align with brands and publishers
  • Supervise field shoots - Manage schedules, create call sheets, shot lists, scripts
  • Supervise post production including schedule, story structure, and clearing rights to footage, stills, and music
  • Create social strategy and produce social assets
  • Booking crew and locations while ensuring proper releases and permits are secured
  • Create and manage budgets. Negotiate rates with vendors, crews, and locations. Oversee crew payroll.
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Field Producer

Mysteries at the Museum - Optomen Productions - A Travel Channel series exploring the world's greatest institutions to tell incredible stories from history
August 2017 to May 2018
  • Directing interviews and directing b roll for national and international shoots
  • Research, pitch, and develop stories including writing pitches and shoot scripts
  • Booking all locations, contributors, and materials while ensuring proper releases and permits are cleared
  • Create call sheets and supervise field shoots
  • Managing media in the field and creating detailed media logs
  • Assist DP, AC, and Grip where needed in the field
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Associate Producer

Monsters Inside Me - Optomen Productions - An Animal Planet series based on real-life rare and deadly disease, infection, or parasite cases
February 2017 to July 2017
  • Research, pitch and develop compelling stories
  • Sourcing of archival material, pre-interviewing, and casting experts to support story lines
  • Logistical planning and preparation for field shoots including scheduling, obtaining necessary release forms, and travel supervision
  • Create scripts, shots lists and call sheets for interviews
  • Managed media and produce accurate media logs, shooting of supplemental footage, and supervised field shoots
  • Assist DP, AC, and Grip as needed in the field
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Coordinating Producer

POPS - An ITVS documentary web series sharing the collective experience of African American fatherhood
October 2016 to February 2017
  • Facilitate shoots in collaboration with Director. Scouted and secured locations along with required permits.
  • Research, develop, and write story scripts
  • Managed ITVS deliverables schedule to ensure all materials met funding deadlines. Research all complementary elements of the show
  • Supervise Post Production including Sound Design, Mix, Color, and Finishing sessions
  • Coordinate with Engagement Producers and Social Media Consultants
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Audio Post Production Producer

Heard City - A boutique audio post production facility
July 2015 to November 2016
  • Develop & advise client budgets based on sound design, record, mixing, and deliverable needs for TV, Film, Virtual Reality, Web or Radio use
  • Supervise delivery of projects including versioning management in addition to verifying Broadcast, Dolby, radio, & web specifications
  • Create daily schedules across Manhattan and Brooklyn studios
  • Managed vendors for talent casting and remote recordings
  • Managed social media accounts
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  • Well developed verbal and written communication skills that enable on time execution of deliverables to Broadcast, Radio, and Web platforms
  • Developed great working relationships with clients and vendors to maintain trust and consistency in quality work outcomes
  • Technically proficient in ProTools HD, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, SSL Sound Boards, Portable Field Mixers, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, and File Maker Studio Suite
  • Experience assisting with Canon C300, Sony FS7, Blackmagic Ursa
  • Savvy in both Mac and Windows systems
  • Operated Midas PRO2, Midas Verona 400 and Yamaha PM5D consoles